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Al Lawrence article about David Hater in Faces

Article published in Chess Life, April 2019, page 13. Al Lawrence, Author.

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David Hater at the 2018 Texas Armed Forces Chess Championship.  Photo by Sheryl Mc Broom.
David Hater Crowned Georgia Armed Forces Champion

By Victor Yaward, Ace Chess Reporter
for Texas Knights
Photo by Sheryl Mc Broom

Official Texas Chess Association
Press Release for all
Georgia Chess Organizations

     (Hillsboro, Texas, 9/30/2018) On Sunday, Douglasville resident and Chess Expert David Hater was crowned Georgia Armed Forces Chess Champion in a surprise ceremony masterminded by Georgia Chess Association (GCA) officers. When they learned David was traveling 800 miles to play in the 2018 Texas Armed Forces and Military Veterans Open Chess Championships, they reached out to Texas Chess Association (TCA) officials and made a special request to honor one of the strongest Military chess players who ever lived in Georgia.

     For David, his journey was an opportunity to make new friends as well as renew old rivalries spanning nearly 30 years. Upon his arrival at Hill College, in Hillsboro, Texas, he quickly realized this was not just any ordinary tournament. Many generous donors and sponsors covered his entrance fee. All participants received pocket chess sets from Bay Area Chess. Internet Chess Club donated one-year memberships to all. Politicians, college officials and community leaders were on hand to greet the players at the opening ceremonies. A long-distance Skype call came in from Army Chess Veteran Mike Donovan wishing the best for everyone. Lunch was provided for all players and staff free of charge. The college’s “Texas Heritage Museum” (normally closed on Saturdays) was opened especially for all chess playing veterans.

     David attended a Veterans Dinner, listened to great speakers, and made the most of an opportunity to “roast” the organizer, longtime friend Jim Hollingsworth. The capstone event was awarding the "National Chess Master Bill Wall Texas Legacy Award" to Navy Veteran and TCA President Tom Crane for his many years of exemplary service.

     He played well, scoring 3.0/4 points against a field that included four other experts with extensive military chess experience. After Chief Organizer Jim Hollingsworth (who looks vaguely like Santa) presented him with the Military Retiree Champion award David retreated into the crowd and began calculating how much time he needed to go to DFW Airport, return his rental car and catch his flight. Twelve awards were on the agenda. Only the three big awards remained, and he knew he wasn’t getting one. He wasn’t paying close attention and was noticeably startled by:

"We interrupt these proceedings for a special announcement. The Georgia Chess Association contacted us with a special request. It is our great honor to present the title of Georgia Armed Forces Chess Champion to David Hater."

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David Hater (left) crowned 2018 Georgia Armed Forces Chess Champion by Jim Hollingsworth (right).  Photo by Sheryl Mc Broom.

David Hater (left) is crowned
2018 Georgia Armed Forces
Chess Champion
by Jim Hollingsworth (right).
Photo by Sheryl Mc Broom.

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