David Hater for US Chess Executive Board

Todd Andrews
FIDE Master
US Chess Original Life Master
Local Tournament Director
President, Tennessee Chess Association
Executive Director, Nashville Chess Center

    Dave Hater is a great guy and I appreciate his honesty... I definitely have learned from watching him direct huge events and he taught me that sometimes you just have to tell people you are overwhelmed at the moment and he will have to get back with you later... it’s not always what everyone wants to hear, but he handles it well and I’ve learned to do the same. Every time we’ve played over the board, he’s been a class act as well.

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David Day
US Chess Life Member
FIDE National Arbiter ((USA)
Associate National Tournament Director
Senior Attorney, Dorsey & Whitney, LLP
Candidate for US Chess Executive Board

    I am pleased to endorse David Hater for the US Chess Executive Board.

    David has deep and meaningful experience. I first met him when I was a player in various large tournaments and he was one of the tournament directors. His people skills and knowledge of the rules caught my eye. Since that time I’ve been fortunate enough to serve with him on the US Chess Ethics Committee. He does excellent work on that committee and on the FIDE Ethics Commission. He has the character, judgement, diversity of skills, ability to serve, and love of the game necessary to allow him to give effective meaningful Executive Board service.

    David Hater is simply the most qualified person running for the US Chess Executive Board, and the US Chess Federation will be lucky to have him.

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Anand Dommalapati
US Chess National Tournament Director
FIDE International Arbiter
FIDE International Organizer
President, Virginia Chess Federation

    I strongly support David Hater’s candidacy for the US Chess Executive Board!

    I first met David Hater (Dave) when he participated as a player at one of my Tournaments in Northern Virginia 7 years ago. After a year or so, I got to know him closely through directing at National Scholastic Tournaments and Continental Chess Association events. His leadership skills on the US Chess Ethics Committee far exceeds expectations and he has been a great mentor when I came on board 2 years ago as new member. Dave is also currently serving the FIDE Ethics & Disciplinary Commission from Feb 2020.

    At every event I was working with him, he has demonstrated a very strong work ethic and dedication. I have always seen Dave as someone who has very strong leadership qualities and handles anything that comes up his way with a lot of detail and with innovative ways. Dave really cares for the betterment of chess - Dave’s style in my opinion is such that, he goes to any extent to get things accomplished, with a strong temperament towards a no-nonsense approach with fairness, accuracy and detail.

    To keep the positive momentum going for entire US Chess Federation community, I strongly hereby recommend and endorse David Hater for the US Chess Executive Board.

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John F. Farrell
US Chess Life Member
Marine Corps Representative to the Military Chess Committee
U.S. Armed Forces Team Organizer for the NATO Chess Championship

    I've known David Hater for a little over 20 years since we first met at the 1999 U.S. Armed Forces Open Chess Championship. At that time, then Captain Hater, was an English Instructor at the West Point Military Academy. While he was there he was highly influential and bolstered the Black Knights Chess Club. During his years at West Point, the Black Knight Chess Club would come down in force, and make their presence known, as nearly half the participants at the Armed Forces Open would be West Point cadets.

    In 2000, then Major Hater and other key personnel from the Sea Services started working on plans on resurrecting and structuring the Armed Forces (Closed) Championship, which came to fruition in 2001 when the Department of Defense (DoD) created the Inter-Service Championship which ran from 2001 to 2011. The Inter-Service Championship was key not only in determining the U.S. Armed Forces Champion, and Team Champion once again, but it also determined who would represent the United States at the NATO Chess Championship.

    Also in 2000, the final year of the U.S. Armed Forces Open that was to held at the U.S. Chess Center due to funding being pulled, Major Hater took it upon himself to ensure that the tradition of the U.S. Armed Forces Open would continue, arranging the Championship at Fort Belvoir in 2001, and offsite near Andrews Air Force Base in 2002. He did this out of his own pocket, or from whatever donations he could obtain. In 2003, and onwards, other military personnel then stepped up to the plate, taking turns between each of the Branches to make sure that U.S. Armed Forces Open continued.

    In 2005, Major Hater, was the first person to ever hold a USCF rated chess tournament in Baghdad, Iraq while he was deployed there, bolstering the moral of the troops that were in that region at the time.

    In 2013, then Colonel Hater, was once again instrumental in both keeping the U.S. Armed Forces Team presence at the NATO Chess Championship and coming up with the U.S. Armed Forces selection process to be used to select the Team for future NATO Chess Championships. Unfortunately due to the Government's sequestration, the DoD cancelled the Inter-Service Championship and would not be sending U.S. Armed Forces Team to the 2013 NATO Chess Championship. Colonel Hater contacted the known players who had participated in previous Inter-Service Championship, and put together a last minute ragtag Team, whom in the most part, funded their own way to Warsaw, Poland to play in the NATO Chess Championship that year. Then at the U.S. Armed Forces Open Colonel Hater got together with the other Military Chess Committee members and devised the selection memorandum to be used in order to select the U.S. Armed Forces Team for future years.

    Also around this same time period, Colonel Hater was able to get the U.S. Army to recognize the USCF as governing body of the selection of military members to represent the U.S. Armed Forces at the NATO Chess Championship.

    In 2014, with the new selection criteria established, COL Hater captained the U.S. Armed Forces Team to victory, obtaining a bronze medal at the NATO Chess Championship held in Quebec, Canada. Only twice previously had the U.S. Armed Forces Team been able to medal at that Championship. I most certainly am proud to have been a part of that history, as I'm sure the rest of my teammates were as well, as it did come down to a nail biting last round in order to seize that achievement.

    Never during the NATO Chess Championship history had the Championship ever been held in the United States. The International Military Chess Committee had asked the Department of Defense if they could organize the Championship several times, but their attempts never came to fruition. It wasn't until 2018 that the Championship would be held in the United States, and planning orchestrated by then Colonel Hater (retired) started way before June of 2018. We are indebted to Grandmaster Onischuk, his chess team, and Texas Tech for making this Championship occur that year. Dave that year stepped off the U.S. Armed Forces Team this year, to help with the organization throughout the week, as sometimes, it can be like herding cats. But then Dave is used to this kind of stuff being a FIDE International Arbiter himself.

    Dave has quite a bit of accomplishments besides his military career, as Dave has won the Armed Forces Open three (3) times, been selected to participate in the NATO Chess Championship more times then any other American, became a FIDE International Arbiter, was the Chair for the US Chess Ethics Committee, and recently has been elected to the FIDE Ethics Commission out of an international field of 14 candidates. Serving as the NATO Team Captain, he's often covered the shortfalls in the entry fees due to our European NATO counterparts several times since 2013.

    You may have seen him, as he is tirelessly conducting major Grand Prix tournaments throughout the U.S. I have known him to dedicate a lot of his personal time to chess, but not so much for just himself (as time dedicated to studying), more so to promote chess to the worldwide community. I can tell you first hand, that he is revered at the International Military Chess Committee meetings, and believe his experience and knowledge with benefit the Executive Board and our chess community in general.

    Please vote for David Hater when it comes time to elect the new members to the US Chess Executive Board, I know I will.

    Semper Fidelis!

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FM William Goichberg
US Chess Life Member
FIDE Master
International Arbiter(Cat C)
International Organizer
US Chess Original Life Master

    Dave Hater is an outstanding candidate for the USCF Executive Board.

    I have known Dave for over 30 years; he is highly qualified, energetic, and a great lover of chess. A retired military officer, he brings a wealth of both professional experience and chess expertise to this position. He was a personnel officer in the Army and rose to the rank of Colonel, a senior executive in charge of large organizations with complex issues. As a military officer, his integrity is above reproach and his willingness to serve and put others first cannot be questioned.

    When Dave retired from the Army, I hired him to direct events, a decision I've never regretted. Dave runs large tournaments not only for Continental Chess, but also USCF and other affiliates He directs at the US Chess National Scholastics, National Open, and Kasparov Chess Foundation scholastics, among others.

    Dave works incredibly hard to run first class events, and was recognized by USCF as the 2019 tournament director of the year. He also has entered thousands of games online for posting and written many articles for the USCF website and other publications. He is completely dedicated to protecting the integrity of the game, a member of US Chess Ethics Committee and FIDE Ethics and Disciplinary Commission who has also personally filed several ethics cases when finding wrongdoing.

    Dave's personal and professional experience will make him a valuable addition to the Executive Board.

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Karl Heck
US Chess Life Member
Director of Planning and Economic Development, Greene County (NY)
Treasurer/Editor, NY State Chess Association
FIDE National Arbiter
Senior Tournament Director

    David Hater is going to be a great addition to the US Chess Executive Board. His breadth of experience and skills is unique in the chess world, and will bring many valuable skills to the US Chess Executive Board. Colonel Hater will take on any task to help promote the Royal Game, and works well with the wide variety of personalities in the chess world, whether it's on the regional, national or world stage. His personnel and logistical skills learned in the Army will help US Chess adapt to the post-COVID world, as he has been trained to work in difficult and unsettled situations and produce outstanding results.

    I have learned a great deal about tournament directing working under him, and those experiences have helped me in my professional life. In addition to being a director and organizer, he is a communicator who routinely writes tournament reports and can work with a wide variety of people with different viewpoints to reach positive outcomes. David is a great mentor to less experienced tournament directors, guiding and supporting while also being able t show ways to improve.

    Colonel Hater is a man of impeccable honesty and ethics, working to the best solution and fairness for all players and staff. He will be a great addition to the US Chess Executive Board, and we are very fortunate that David Hater is running and willing to serve. Please vote for him for the Executive Board.

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Jim Hollingsworth
US Chess Life Member
Local Tournament Director
President, Texas Armed Forces Chess

    I wholeheartedly endorse David Hater for the US Chess Executive Board. He is universally admired for his great integrity. He is the right person, in the right place and at the right time. All of US Chess will benefit under his leadership.

    David and I first met at the 1989 Armed Forces Chess Championship. He was a National Guard Second Lieutenant and the Tournament Director. I was an active duty Army Captain and an Army Chess Team member. Air Force won that year. Two years later, David was on active duty First Lieutenant and we battled in the All Army Chess Championship.

    Army won that year, however David and I didn't make the team. We are both original Ohio boys, so I rode with him and we returned to Ohio. Along the way we stopped in a little town buried deep in the Appalachian Mountains and played in a one-day chess tournament. Then we made a side trip and visited the site of the Battle of Bull Run (some call it Battle of Manassas).

    Talk about good times.

    We stayed in touch while he served our Nation during the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). While deployed to Iraq, his love and devotion for family and chess never waivered. In 2005, when I was reactivated from the IRR, he was very helpful in answering my questions about the "new" Army. Since then I have been blessed by three reunions with my old friend. And yes, we played chess.

    Vote Hater!

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Igor Khmelnitsky
International Master
Original Life Master
Life Senior Master
3 time US Championship player
Author of 2005 Cramer Award for best chess book of the year "Chess Exam and Training Guide: Rate Yourself and Learn How to Improve"

    I first came in contact with David in 2005 – after reading his article in Chess Life about chess in the US military while stationed in Iraq, where David was organizing a tournament amidst the unrest and frequent deadly encounters. I was inspired and wanted to help, so I shipped a case of my recently published “Chess Exam and Training Guide” books to the address listed in the article. Not long after that, I got a personal “thank you” card from David.

    Since I was retired from active chess, it was only years later that we met in person at 2013 NATIONAL K-12 GRADE CHAMPIONSHIPS in Florida where my kids participated. Since then, I have continued to attend various chess events, mostly as a parent, and as a coach, and, on a very rare occasion, as a player. Over the last 7 years I got to see David in action and talk to him very frequently.

    Based on my personal encounters, here are a few things that come to mind when talking about David - a chess lifer, an honest person, a fair and objective top level tournament director, a tireless promoter of chess in the military, a retired US army colonel, a fairly strong player, and, overall, a very good person.

    I am voting for Dave!

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Tomasz Malinowski
Colonel, Army of Poland
Chairman, International Military Chess Committee

    I have started a close cooperation with David Hater since 2013 while initiating preparations for hosting the 24th NATO Chess Championship in Warsaw. As every organiser I wanted to have as many Nations as possible. Unfortunately 2013 was not a good year for U.S. military chess - they lost their governmental support and I was seriously worried about having one team less. Luckily enough David filled in the void and took the responsibility to bring the representation of U.S. Armed Forces to Poland which I will never forget. He simply wouldn’t allow that his country is not represented and there are no military hands willing to hold the U.S. flag among other Allies.

    Since that time we met each year at next editions of NCC and worked together intensively to promote military chess. David’s arbiter’s experience was very helpful in working out new regulations for NCC as well as in Appeals’ Committee meetings.

    David excels also at team captaining winning the Team Bronze Medal in 2014 in Quebec, Canada.

    From my perspective his masterpiece was organising the NCC in 2018 in Lubbock, TX. This splendid event was widely covered by international mass media.

    To sum, I am very happy to have met Dave in my life and look forward to meeting him again at next NATO competitions. I have also no hesitation in supporting him for the Executive Board.

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Aris Marghetis
FIDE IA (International Arbiter) [Category B]
FIDE Arbiters' Lecturer
US Chess Senior TD
FIDE IO (International Organizer)
Former Secretary, FIDE Arbiters' Commission
Chair, Canada, National Appeals Committee

    After almost five decades of chess, I can say that I have never seen the work passion for chess that Dave Hater demonstrates ALL THE TIME. I have had the great fortune to serve under him at many big events, and people around Dave can't help but be better at what they do. This is because he works hard, he works thoroughly, and it's always with his trademark integrity.

    When I hear people appreciating Dave's incredible efforts as member of the US Chess Ethics Committee, I am repeatedly impressed. When Dave was recognized as the 2019 US Chess Tournament Director of the Year, I thought "but of course!"

    When US Chess recently nominated Dave for the FIDE Ethics and Disciplinary Commission, given my previous international experience, foreign national delegates asked privately for my opinion of Dave for such a significant role at FIDE. It was an honor to explain what Dave is all about. I wasn't the only one, easily making Dave a member of that important commission.

    I strongly endorse Dave Hater for the coming election!

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Mike Nietman
US Chess Life Member
President, Wisconsin Chess Associastion
Secretary, US Chess Executive Board (2010-2020)

    I’ve known David Hater for a couple of decades. He has a military background having retired as an army colonel where he served as a personnel officer. He’s an NTD who has TD’d numerous national scholastic and CCA events. He’s sat on the US Chess Ethics Committee (including a stint as chair) and the Executive Board unanimously recommended him to the FIDE Ethics Commission which was accepted. He also serves on the Rules and Military committees. I’m impressed by how as a TD he handles tournament situations. I wholeheartedly endorse Dave Hater in the 2020 US Chess Executive Board election.

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Grant Oen
Councillor, FIDE Technical Commission
International Arbiter, International Organizer, FIDE Instructor
National Tournament Director
Scholastic Vice President, North Carolina Chess Association
Director of Competition, Castle Chess
Assistant Director/Events Manager, Charlotte Chess Center

    I can give Dave Hater my highest endorsement for the 2020 US Chess Executive Board election. Although his credentials and resume speak for themselves (National TD, International Arbiter, U.S. Army Colonel), I will also support Dave because his principles and fairness will make him a major asset to the EB. It is no coincidence that US Chess recently recommended him to the FIDE Ethics Commission, a very prestigious appointment.

    Colonel Hater is very passionate about chess, a game that he has dedicated much of his life to in various contracting positions as a tournament director and organizer, but also as a volunteer in US Chess governance as a committee member and delegate. He is a very practical, fair, efficient, and accessible tournament director (and was named 2019 US Chess Tournament Director of the Year) and his many years of experience in US Chess will make him a great board member.

    I will be voting for David Hater and will recommend the same for all who read this.

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Scott R. Parker
US Chess Benefactor Life Member
Senior Tournament Director
President, Georgia Chess Association
Secretary, Castle Chess Inc.
Former Regional Vice-President, US Chess Federation
2011 US Chess Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    I wholeheartedly endorse Dave Hater in his bid to win a seat on the US Chess Executive Board.

    A retired Colonel in the US Army, Dave is efficient, energetic, and well organized. His military experience - basically the Army's equivalent of an HR Director - gives him a wealth of experience running large organizations. Dave served two tours of duty in Iraq during the conflicts there, and seems to have been unfazed by this. He does not rattle easily.

    Besides the military Dave's other lifelong interest has been chess. His status as a National TD, International Arbiter, and life Expert in over-the-board play attests to this. He is one of the most active TD's in the country, directing major events for US Chess, CCA, and other organizations. In the course of directing these events he is called upon to make many, many rulings, and his judgment is always sound. I have worked with Dave directing tournaments for both the Georgia Chess Association and Castle Chess Inc., and he is an easy person to work with, always working in a collegial spirit with his fellow TD's.

    Perhaps Dave's biggest asset is his sense of fairness. Dave always tries to do what he sees as right in any situation. Even in the relatively rare instances where he and I disagree his ideas are always reasonable. As a US Chess Executive Board member Dave will act responsibly and constructively to promote the interests of the Federation. We are lucky to have him.

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Steve Plotnick
President, Illinois Chess Association
Local Tournament Director

    This testimonial for David Hater clearly demonstrates why David would be a great asset for joining the US Chess Executive board. I became fortunate to work for Continental Chess Association. With this new opportunity I had privilege to work for David. From my first day it was obvious that David not only had remarkable knowledgeable but more than willing to listen to me and give guidance. I can give numerous examples such as how I would listen to a ruling and later ask David why that ruling was executed when I felt I would have made a different ruling. He sat with me for some time explaining there were two options but why ruling that was made was better than mine, David has never had any issues spending whatever time is needed to help me or any other person.

    David has always been more than willing to assist me even when I am not working for him. He has helped many times, one specific time where I was at home and had a question on how to do a task such as posting to MSA a chess tournament, he guided me through entire process never asking for anything in return.

    Another specific example where David supported me was when I was trying to assist the Illinois Chess Veterans committee to find a military person that was a chess expert player and lived in Chicago area for a Simul that Chess Vets wanted to create. I decided to reach out to David because I knew he was a retired colonel from military. I called David at home and he was more than eager to assist and found us a great choice, which worked out well. He has always been willing to spend whatever time is needed to assist me.

    It is apparent to me with David’s experience, education, knowledge he would be a great asset to executive board, but I feel that his kindheartedness and willingness to go above and beyond to help someone expand their own knowledge is commendable and is more valuable than his obvious chess connected background.

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Allen Priest
W Allen Priest CPA PLLC
President, US Chess
FIDE National Arbiter (USA)
National Tournament Director

    I have known David Hater for many years now. I have always been impressed with his professionalism. I think his experience will be invaluable to the Executive Board. He served at a very high level in the US Army, which manes he has tremendous experience in breaking down problems and finding solutions. His experience with planning and management will be critical as the EB works through the challenges of the current pandemic. I have also worked with David as a tournament director. He is levelheaded and able to work with people of varied backgrounds.

    After serving on the EB for nearly 9 years, I think I know what qualities we need in our board members. David has those qualities and will be a great asset to the board. I strongly encourage all to vote and add David Hater to the Executive Board.

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John D Rockefeller V
Chair, Development Committee, US Chess
Sponsor, Rockefeller National Tournament of Elementary School State Champions
Reviser, Denker, Barber, Haring, & Senior Information & Rules
Member, National State Invitationals Committee, US Chess
Member, Scholastic Committee, US Chess
Delegate (MD), US Chess
Senior Tournament Director
Scholastic Director, MD Chess

    I endorse Dave Hater in the upcoming Executive Board election.

    Even though I have known Dave personally only for a few years, in that short time I have observed him at the Delegates meetings, I like what I see, and I am impressed with his experience. Dave is a member of the Ethics Committee and served as the chair during a period of heavy activity and controversial cases. At the workshops Dave displayed good judgment and a concern for due process, while protecting the game from unethical acts. On the floor of the Delegates meetings, Dave makes comments that are insightful and advance the mission of US Chess. I am passionate about scholastic chess, and I like that Dave directs some of the largest scholastic events in the country: US Chess's national championships, Kasparov Chess Foundation events, and many state championships.

    Dave is the right man for the job, and I urge you to vote for him!

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Hal Sprechman
US Chess Life Member
National Arbiter
Past President, New Jersey State Chess Association
Member-At-Large, US Chess Executive Board (2017-2020)

    It is my great honor to nominate David Hater for US Chess Executive Board. I have known Dave for a number of years. I have been a TD at a number of tournaments where he has been Chief TD. I have always found him to be dedicated to the complete success of each tournament. He has been a member of the US Chess Ethics Committee and he has served as chair of the committee. We have had a number of discussions about the Ethics Committee and his efforts on it. His dedication in meeting the demands of the committee has been exceptional. The Executive Board unanimously reommended him to the FIDE Ethics Commission which was accepted. Again, I wholeheartedly endorse Dave Hater in the 2020 US Chess Executive Board election.

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Eric Vigil
President, Iowa Chess Association

    I cannot recommend this man enough. I have worked with him at many National Chess Events. The most memorable being the Jr. High Nationals in Atlanta where David was faced with a major cheating scandal that rocked the chess world. David kept composure and stuck to the facts at hand and made the best decision possible. I do not think everyone was happy with the outcome, but I feel the decision was fair. During the event an investigation was started and later finished. With David's leadership we were able to avoid a scene similar to what happened in Dallas a few year before where people were booing the kids on stage at the awards ceremony.

    Also when I was running the Twin Ports Open in Superior Wisconsin I had a FIDE question and called David for help, he was able to assist and helped me work through the issue.

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