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David Hater for US Chess Executive Board

Colonel (retired) David A. Hater, U.S. Army

Int'l Arbiter, National TD
US Chess Life Member
Member, US Chess Executive Board

    Dear US Chess Voting Member

    I am running for re-election to the US Chess Executive Board and humbly to ask for your vote. Much of this website is unchanged. However, you can download and read my current campaign flyer by clicking below.


    I am running for re-election to the US Chess Executive Board and humbly to ask for your vote.I am running for the Executive Board and humbly seek your vote. I am running for one reason — I love the game of chess and I have a sense of chess civic duty to give back to the game that has given me so much.

    My professional background is that I am a retired Army Colonel who served as a personnel officer. Chess and the military have been the dominant aspects of my entire life.

    I taught in the U.S. Military Academy’s English Department from 1999-2002. All my other assignments were as a personnel generalist (staffing, compensation, evaluations, discipline etc). Essentially for my last 10 years in the Army I was the civilian equivalent of a Vice President for Human Resources. I directly supervised up to 50 personnel professionals at any given time and organizations I supervised provided personnel support to as many as 50,000 military members. At the strategic level. I had an assignment responsible for oversight of staffing all military units in the continental United States. I have previously attained certification as a Professional of Human Resources (PHR).

    While on active duty I played in more Army Chess Championships, Armed Forces Chess Championships and NATO Chess Championships than anyone else on active duty. I won the 1996, 1997, and 2001 Armed Forces Opens. I continue to serve as team captain of the USA NATO Military Chess team. Representing one’s country and military is a tremendous honor and afforded me opportunities to play internationally. This is part of the reason I want to give back.

    I am a National Tournament Director and International Arbiter. I criss-cross the country every year (212 days on the road last year!) directing tournaments for a variety of organizers. Some of these tournaments include the Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championship, National Open, US Chess National Scholastics, Chicago Open, World Open, North American Open and numerous other large events as well as smaller events. I was selected as the Tournament Director of the Year for 2019 by US Chess. As someone who directs in many regions of the country, I have the opportunity to meet many people and hear from many constituencies in many parts of the country. If elected to the Executive Board, I will be very accessible in person at many events around the country.

    I believe US Chess forums are an appropriate place for candidates to address issues. I will actively use this forum as a communication medium. While I will use other media, this will be my primary communication with the electorate.

    When I retired from the Army in 2015, I decided to spend the rest of my career/life "working" in chess. My primary income comes from my military retirement (pension). While retired from the military, I am now a full time chess “professional” — that is my passion.

    I have many friends and mentors who I am incredibly grateful to for giving me opportunities to work in the chess world. However, anyone who knows me will tell you I am independent and beholden to nobody. Of course, I listen to all and welcome advice, but in the final analysis my position on any issue will be dictated by my own conscience and sense of what is best for the entire chess community rather than serving any narrow interest.

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